Films in Development

1. Ron (Finished minutes 22)
Born with a clef pallet and abandoned by his mother at age eight, Ron has felt several challenges in his life. By the time he reached age 17 he had 14 surgeries and a new wife. Five years later at 22 years old Ron becomes the youngest Sheriff in Oklahoma. Reflecting back on his life at age 64 the viewer is immediately brought into the strain of what life is like with a deformity. The film moves to a sense of encouragement because Ron the oldest of four brothers, has a unique set of tools for coping with his life and the judgments that make his life difficult. Watch this true story of a man who shares his complex challenges with and open heart sharing his deepest emotions for the whole world to examine.

2. Frank (Finished Minutes 56)
Frank is an amazing young man who started a foundation called Big Fat Love. Frank coined this movement by shortening a quote from Albert Schwitzer and his ripple effect has touched many lives.

3. Sven (Finished Minutes 24)
Film will goes into the heart Ach of being a soldier who has served several tours in in Iraq and the pain that can occur when retuning home.

4. Mary Jo (Finished Minutes 29)
Growing up in the family candy business has its share of challenges. Mary Jo shares her struggles and her victories with an open heart.

5. What’s in the Bottle (Finished Minutes 8)
Film will go into the substance and production process of what is in the Manny Pacquiao’s new cologne Scent of a champion

6. Growing Great Finished Minutes 22 film goes into a school program that encourages children to grow vegetables at school

7. Herbs and how they heal us (Finished Minutes 78)
Film goes into several occupational fields to discover the wonderful benefits of eating plants and herbs

8. Do you really have ADD? (Finished Minutes 56)
Film dives into the statement thrown around “I am so ADD” This film defines what it is and how to reduce ones propensity for distraction.

9. The Nine Most Powerful Words (Finished minutes 19)
The film will define the nine most powerful words.

10. Hanala Humbled (Finished Minutes 56)
The film goes into the heart Ach of having a book published and before the first book signing having the book banned soon after the first printing.