Film Clips

Raising Lucy 3 minute trailer of a 28 minute documentary that won Best Documentary in South Carolina at the Charleston International Film Festival and two other best documentary awards and 9 other awards

Interview in Sedona about how chad made “Raising Lucy” Intentionally as a healing film. Slow for 30 seconds then interview starts (4 minutes)

Foundation to help teens that have parents that are deployed..this film on a man who is great with teens and invented a toy that teenagers like to play with called a finger rocket. Sven Olson is a major in the Arizona national guard. The emotion is in the last 3 minutes wait for it and it won’t disappoint. Not submitted this film yet it is just a promo so he could show to big wig politicians in Sacramento and received the clearance to fund the program for all of California with this film. (10 minute film) to be turned into a 20 -30 minute documentary.

Former Pro football player is a pastor in Seattle and has changed all the laws in the state to make it where parents can adopt kids for free. This agency has been going this for 10 years and 300 children are in loving homes at no cost to the parents. The agency won a national award last Novembers “Angels in Adoption” Chair Films just won a telly award for this film two weeks ago in the telly awards you tube competition. Film is called “49 states to go” (5 minute film)

American Chef. This man was the head chef at the white house for 11 years for president Clinton and President Bush. 4 minutes

American Chef Rigging the stage 7 minutes